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Ok, I got it
Welcome to my world of the paranormal
My Pages
ufo in Norwich 2005
kitchen orb
enlargement of kitchen orb
Explorations into the paranormal world around myself and others
First of all my photos are not faked, and I don't appreciate the insult. Second, my website is 'Our Paranormal World' which covers a multitude of paranormal activity. Everything you see is genuine.

At 44 years of age, I don't appreciate being called a fake, hoaxer or such-like. Until you have had the experiences I have had then I appreciate you giving me some courtesy.

I have had to put up with ridicule for the better part of my life in relation to my experiences. What goes on this site is documentary evidence in relation to my experiences, as I didn't have the facility to do so when I was younger, unlike the youth today.

If you think it is fake and you think you know better than come and stay in our flat and see if you get smacked like I did or shouted at by our resident spirit, whom I have come to find out his name is Barnabas Felton. He has also been witnessed while we are out walking up and down our hall, slamming doors and putting the volume up on the telly and radio.

So if you want to think it is dust, fine. Until you experience, what I have experienced and live where I live, I would suggest you do a bit more research into me and my credibility.
an orb for dinner
and one on the cat
and one in the air
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